Monday, June 20, 2005

Rain rain come again...

... this guy wants to play.

Monsoons arrived here yesterday. Sky has been looking funny for several evenings and occasional lightening had made people anxious. At my workplace, every time sky thundered, people used to get up and look outside for rains in anticipation. But last evening, the gods smiled and it started raining.

A little while after, I got up and went on a short ride to get a couple of cigarettes. I thoroughly enjoyed the showers in my face. The experience was anything.

Later in evening friends called up to discuss some neato(TM) tech idea. Even after 11:30 pm when the tea shops closed, our discussion was going on. We stood in front of the closed shop. I was enjoying the discussions and the rain, of course, it was latter that was getting more of my attention. It rained off and on and we were there till half past 3AM or so. I went back to office to pick up things and go home. It was raining all along but stopped a bit when I arrived at office and then home... as if I was the only one appreciating it. I thoroughly enjoyed riding in rain, though a bit concerned of two things - my lappy getting wet and high-speed sumo taxis on road coupled with low visibility and cemented road... all in all a recipie for trouble.

Reached home safetly. Enjoyed some moments in window and then went to sleep in morning.